Home Health Aide 40-Hour Course

This course of instruction, exclusive of supervised clinical experience, is licensed by the Commission for Independent Education. A certificate of completion and a copy of the course curriculum are issued upon completion. Successful completion of this course satisfies the requirement under Florida law that home health aides working for home health agencies have at least 40 hours of training (59A-8.0095(5)(d),F.A.C.). Federal law requires home health aides employed by agencies accepting Medicare and Medicaid to complete at least 75 hours of study (42 C.F.R. §484.36(a)(1)). Continuing with Nursing Unlimited’s 35 hour Home Health Aide Course will satisfy this requirement.

Please be advised  we do not have any  Home Health Aide 40- hour and home health Aide 35-hour  classes schedule in 2011.  We do however offer  Home Health aide 75-Hour classes.